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DYE C11 Pant Hypnotic Lime SM

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DYE C11 Pant Hypnotic Lime Small

  The C11 Pant is the ultimate collaboration between pro athletes, product developers, material experts and designers. Featuring a harness-stabilizing back yoke, and two new micro mesh inseam materials that provide you venting and a complete range of motion in all directions. The increased venting of the C11 Pant helps make it lighter and more comfortable. Softer, 3D contoured padding on the hips and back yoke enhance protection while improving mobility. Ballistic heavy duty nylon panels with responsive air-foam padding on hips and knees now give you the ultimate in sliding protection. All this culminates in a pant engineered to perfection.


  • HEAVY?DUTY?BALLISTIC?KNEES - We have continued to use the proven ballistic nylon and integrated it with flex panels around the knees to help withstand the most aggressive abuse. The C11 has an improved padded knee design that wraps around the entire knee, with additional front shin, outer shin and inseam padding. Combined with flex-panels, this design keeps up with your speed and motion without being stiff, while quilted sections of responsive air-foam add protection. This reduces the wear not only on your pants, but your joints as well.
  • FLEX?KNEES - The key to playing good paintball is speed, movement and protection. This is the fundamental concept with our continued refinement of our knee design. The C11 provides a maximum range of motion without being stiff, and the multi panel flexible knee design offers improved durability with movement.
  • ADJUSTABLE?WAIST - Our adjustable waist not only allows you to change the fit of your pant, but the internal elastic belt also acts as a small, comfortable kidney belt.
  • VENTING - The inseam features two vented mesh materials. Whether you are crouching, crawling, kneeling or sliding, the C11 pant breathes with you. Venting also surrounds the back yoke and padded zipper fly,  extending all the way down to the knee for increased circulation.
  • DOUBLE AND TRIPLE?STITCHING - For a pant to be durable, it needs good stitching.  The seams of the C11 are double and sometimes triple stitched for durability. It’s a quality feature that adds pant longevity, so you can get a full season of use and then some.
  • PADDED?AND?VENTED?CROTCH - Nothing is quite as essential as a padded crotch protector. We were the first to introduce this feature to the industry years ago, and now we’ve made it better by utilizing responsive air-foam. Increased ventilation offers even more cooling comfort.
  • SWAB?POCKET - Holds standard flex swabs or stick swabs.
  • ADJUSTABLE?CUFFS - For those of you who like a tight cuff, the adjustable ankle cuffs allow the perfect fit for any type of cleat.
  • VENTED?NYLON - The entire back of the leg, from the knee joint down, is vented nylon. Having this large of a vented area can provide more circulation than your car’s air conditioner. Well, almost.
  • REINFORCED?SADDLE SEAT - Sliding can be hard on your pants. We know this from experience and that’s why we’ve reinforced the seat with extra nylon material.
  • HYPER-FLEX?YOKE - The back yoke is a crucial part of your pant.  It has to move, it has to protect, and it has to keep your harness in place. Harness-stabilizing direct injection keeps your pack where you need it to be. Featuring a Hyper-Flex outer section and stretch under layer for increased movement.  This dual-layer with pass through venting keeps your back side cool, preventing sweat build up and harness twist.
  • 3D Contour PADDING - Dye’s unique design uses compression formed foam to provide extra side protection for your hip bones and thighs while diving or sliding.

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