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Paintball Tanks


Picking the right paintball tank is important and helping our customers understand between compressed air and paintball co2 tanks is what our sales staff does best.  Should you need a CO2 paintball tank, a Ninja paintball tank, the new Crossfire Stealth nitrogen tank or the ever popular Pure Energy compressed air tank, you can trust our sales team to recommend the right tank to go with your particular paintball marker.

Compressed Air Paintball tanks

Compressed air paintball tanks offer a clean and constant supply of pressure that most all new paintball guns require to perform in the manner by which they were designed to function.     Unlike CO2, all compressed air tanks have a gauge to determine how many shots are left in your tank.   When deciding what type and size of paintball tank you want to purchase, the cubic inch size and the amount of pressure that the tank can hold are the two key important factors.    Most all compressed air tanks have an output pressure of at least 850 psi which is a requirement for most all paintball guns to function properly.   The Ninja paintball tank has the ability to adjust its output pressure for those guns requiring a lower operating pressure and is a popular choice by many paintball players.   Some tournament guns with high rates of fire will sometimes demand an air supply that can keep up with how fast the gun can shoot.  The Crossfire Stealth tank has the fastest recharge rate of all the tanks we carry and offers one of the best warranties available.   The Pure Energy tank line is our best tank brand selection based on choice of sizes available and overall price.  The Pure Energy tanks offer reliability, consistency and a bargain price that is hard to beat. 

CO2 Paintball Tanks

CO2 tanks have been the popular choice for most all starter paintball packages due to price and ease of refills.   The 20 ounce CO2 tank is our most popular choice at $17.99 and offers 1000 plus shots per tank fill.  CO2 paintball tanks can be filled at most all paintball stores.   CO2 delivers pressure to power your paintball gun that comes from liquid transferring to gas.   Unlike compressed air tanks, CO2 tanks do not offer the consistency of pressure nor the cleanliness or reliability.   Outside temperature is the main influence on output pressure when dealing with CO2 tanks.   If your output pressure does not stay constant, the speed of the gun will fluctuate as will the accuracy of your paintballs.  The hot summer weather will cause the output pressure of the CO2 tank to increase beyond the maximum pressure allowed for most markers to operate, thus resulting in fast or hot chronograph speeds and inaccurate shots that are being fired.   The cold winter weather will cause the output pressure of the tank to fall below what your paintball gun needs to maintain a consistent safe speed, thus resulting in your paintballs falling short and not hitting their target.   This is a result of the liquid CO2 not transferring to gas and maintaining the same constant speed as when you tested your marker before you began to play.   CO2 is not recommended for electronic paintball markers, but is a sufficient air source for the likes of Tippmann and Spyder paintball guns.

Paintball Tank Accessories

It is very important to protect your tank investment with the purchase of a tank cover and tank threadsaver.   We do offer tank regulators and replacement pin valves for purchase, but the low cost price of that tank cover or thread protector is much cheaper if you were to think ahead.  Unified burst discs, bottle orings, fill nipples and dust covers are a few more essentials that we recommend you have on hand just in case.   You can never have too many tank accessories

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Co2 Tank
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Nitro Tank
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Tank Accessories
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